Free for limited time only.
Let’s have public or private video live by your host.
Host your own video chat room for audience.
With friends, with co-workers, you decide how to use it.

Easy registration, groping
No more presents, heavy loading texting. It is small group chat with the sound of voices ONLY by attend users.

3 Easy steps to sharing room :

Create new room:

  1. Create a chat room.
  2. Set a chat room login & password(Not required.)
  3. Share your chat room name & password(If you have set password to entry your chat room.)

How to enter exist room:

Find chat room name and enter chat room and join them.

・Create own group room
・Setting group room password(Not required.)
・Public/Private room
・Video Chat(Only allow to user host)
・Voice Chat
・10 persons at each room
・Room time limit 60 minutes